Type 3 Hair

  • Description
    • Your hair curls in the form of spirals, ringlets, ranging in width from the width of sidewalk chalk to the width of a pencil.
    • You struggle to control frizz and keep your curls defined throughout the day
    • You often experience dry hair
  • Washing Tips
    • Avoid Sulfates and other ingredients that can dry out your hair. Choose a gentle shampoo that won’t strip your hair of oils. ( All of the haircare products are sulfate and paraben free.
    • Shampoo once a week( and less often if your hair can manage) if you hair gets greasy mid-week, use a co-wash in-between washes
  • Moisturizing/Nourishing Tips
    • Try using humectants (especially during the warmer months) to attract moisture to you hair.
    • Use light oils to seal in moisture ( such as oribes nourishing oil and living proof vanishing oil)
    • Deep Condition every 1-2 weeks
  • Styling Tips
    • Use creams and gels to add definition, layer a moose over a cream while your hair is wet, or mix a leave-in with a light gel and apply to wet hair
    • Stay away from hot tools as much as possible

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